编者按:让我们来看看南德克萨斯州立大学(Southwest Texas State University)所列出的GRE单词范围吧,你都认识吗?



  aberration anomaly, deviation from standard, irregularity, atypical

  abrogate do away with

  abstemious sparing, moderate (in eating, drinking)

  abstruse (recondite) concealed, deep, difficult to comprehend

  accolade award, honor, high praise

  accretion accumulation, enlargement, growth

  adroitly skillfully

  adulate admire excessively/slavishly, flatter

  alacrity eagerness, readiness

  alias assumed

  allocate distribute, designate

  allusion indirect reference to something else, hint (in literature)

  ameliorate improve

  amenable agreeable

  arbiter one who arbitrates/decides, judge

  ardor fervor, enthusiasm

  assuage lessen the intensity of something

  audacious bold, fearless

  audacity (impertinence) boldness, reckless daring

  auspicious (propitious) prosperous, favorable

  aver prove truth of, state it is true

  badger harass/annoy continuously, bait

  baleful hurtful, malignant, sorrowful

  beget bringsintosbeing, cause to exist

  beneficent kind, doing good

  bereave deprive, leave desolate (through death)

  brazenly boldly

  brook tolerate

  burnish polish

  cacophony harsh sounding mixture of sounds

  cajole deceptively persuade someone to do something he/she

  declines to

  candid (candor) free from prejudice/bias/malice, honest, fair

  capricious unpredictable, momentarily changeable

  chary cautious

  circumlocution indirect expression, use of wordy/evasive language

  coda distinct passage concluding a composition

  cogent powerful

  cognizant perceptive, observant

  compliant yielding, submissive

  composure ease

  conciliatory peace making

  conjoin join together

  conjure summon, bringsintosbeing as if by magic

  connoisseur expert (in art, taste)

  consensus unanimity, near unanimity, complete accord in opinion

  contentious argumentative

  conundrum puzzle, riddle

  corroborate confirm, back up with evidence

  cower shrink

  debacle violent, sudden breakdown/overthrow

  debauchery intemperance, wild living

  decorous in good taste, proper

  deleterious (baleful) harmful, menacing

  despondent desperate, hopeless

  dire disastrous, horrible, ill-omened, extreme

  dirge chant/song of sorrow/mourning, rites for the dead

  disavow deny

  discourse formal discussion

  disparage detract

  disparaging depreciatory, derogatory, detraction

  dispassionate passionless, impartial, neutral

  divergent differing, deviating

  doggerel loose, unskillful verse

  dogma (doctrine) authoritative tenet, established opinion

  dubious doubtful, questionable

  eclectic drawn from many sources

  edict decree, mandate, law, writ, command

  edifice structure, building

  effluvium escaping gas, noxious vapors

  emaciation waste away, become thin/weak

  emanate originate from

  emollient balm, salve, softening, soothing

  enigma problem, puzzle, mystery

  enmity (animosity) antagonism, hatred, antipathy

  epicure one interested in fine foods

  epithet descriptive

  equivocal ambiguous, intentionally confusing

  erratic (eccentric, fitful) inconsistent, unpredictable,

  aimless, spasmodic, unusual, capricious

  erudite scholarly, deeply learned

  escrow legal agreement handled by 3rd party until conditions


  euphemism use of nice words in place of distasteful ones

  evanescent vanishing, fading, scarcely perceptible

  exigent urgent

  exonerate completely free from blame

  exorbitant extravagant, immoderate

  exploit milk, drain, exhaust

  exposition (explication) setting forth meaning, explanation

  extol celebrate, glorify [antonym - lambaste]

  extricate loosen, release [antonym - intricate]

  exuberant extremely joyful, vigorous, profuse in growth

  facetious humorous, joking

  faddish (fad) passing (fashion, craze)

  fallow left unplanted, idle

  feckless careless

  feeble weak, inefficient

  fester blister, inflame, cancer

  fickle deceitful, inconstant

  fission splittingsintosparts

  fissure narrow slit, crack, cleft

  flag weaken, slow down

  flippant shallow, disrespectful

  flout disregard because of disrespect

  flux substance aiding fusion

  foolhardy careless, hasty

  forbear refrain from, abstain

  frenetic frantic, frenzied

  frivolous flimsy, trivial, lacking seriousness

  frugal (thrifty) economical

  fulminate strike, send forth invectives, akin to lightning

  fulsome disgusting, morally offensive

  fumble handle clumsily, fail to catch

  gainsay deny, speak against

  garish (gaudy) flashy, excessively colorful

  garner gather, collect

  garrulous (loquacious) extremely talkative, wordy

  gavel (mallet) wooden hammer

  genial helpful, cheerful, pleasant

  genre distinctive category/class (especially in literature)

  goad urge forcefully, to prod

  gouge chisel with curved blade

  gouging force out

  guile deceit, cheating

  hapless unlucky

  hold placeswherescargo is kept

  hone sharpen

  imperturbable calm

  impervious impermeable

  implement carry out

  improvident (lavish) wasteful, careless

  impudent bold, impertinent, discourteous

  impugn attack, especially the truth/integrity of something

  impute ascribe to, refer to, attribution

  inchoate unformed, just beginning

  incursion hostile invasion

  indifference detachment, lack of interest/concern

  indignant angry (as result of unfairness)

  indulgent lenient, yielding to desire

  ineluctable inevitable, unavoidable

  inept clumsy, incompetent

  infatuation love [antonym - odium]

  ingenuous free from deceit/disguise

  insolvent unable to pay one's bills

  intrinsic inherent

  invective insulting/abusive speech

  laconic using few words (to the point of rudeness)

  lambaste scold, beat [antonym - extol]

  laudatory (approbative) applausive, approving

  lax slack, careless, negligent, not strict

  levee embankment to prevent overflowing of river

  lode a vein, ore imbedded in a rock fissure

  loquacious (garrulous) extremely talkative/wordy

  maverick (rebel) nonconformist

  mellifluous sweetly flowing

  minatory threatening

  misanthrope one who hates people

  mitigated softened

  mitis soft

  munificent (lavish) very generous

  neophyte beginner

  noisome bad-smelling

  obdurate (intractable) stubborn, inflexible

  odium hate, disgust [antonym - infatuation]

  offense wrongdoing

  oscillate (fluctuate) swing back and forth

  ossify harden, turn to bone, become rigid

  ostentatious conspicuous, showing off

  palliate excuse, cause to seem less serious

  palpable touchable, obvious

  panegyric lofty praise

  partisan who supports a particular idea ...

  peccadillo slight fault

  pedagogue pedantic/dogmatic person, teacher

  penchant inclination

  penchant strong liking/leaning

  petulant ill-tempered, rude, cranky

  piquant spicy, pleasantly pungent

  placate (propitiate) conciliate, pacify, appease, calm, soothe

  placid calm, peaceful

  plumb measure the depth of

  polemic powerful argument in refutation of something

  pragmatic practical

  precarious uncertain, dangerous

  precipice very steep, overhanging place, hazardous situation

  precipitate cause to happen abruptly

  presumptuous arrogant

  prevarication lie

  pristine pure, uncorrupted, unspoiled

  probity integrity, honesty

  prodigy extraordinary

  promulgate (proclaim) declare, put in force/law

  propinquity kinship, nearness

  propitiate (placate) conciliate, pacify, appease, calm, soothe

  proscription restriction/ban/restraint imposed

  proselytize convert, recruit converts

  pundit expert

  pungent sharp/biting to taste/smell

  qualify modify, restrict

  rampart fortification, defense

  ravenous very eager/greedy for food/gratification/satisfaction

  reciprocal mutual, shared, interchangeable (but not in math!)

  recondite (abstruse) obscure, concealed, deep, difficult to


  rectitude righteousness, moral integrity

  reprobate depraved, wicked, corrupt, degenerate, vicious

  repugnant offensive, distasteful

  resolute (intransigent) determined, unyielding

  reticent (tacit) quiet, dumb, reserved, silent, reluctant

  ribald in decent, coarse

  rivet attract and hold attention

  sagacious wise (from experience)

  salubrious promoting good health

  sanction ratify, confirm, authorize, approve

  saturnine gloomy/sullen/dismal in temperament

  savor relish, enjoy

  sedulous zealous, persevering [antonym - careless]

  serene tranquil, clear, untroubled, calm

  sinuous winding, intricate

  spendthrift wasteful, extravagant

  spurious bogus, false

  squalid filthy, repulsive, wretched, degraded

  subjugate enslave, subdue, dominate

  substantive solid, substantial

  succinct concise, precisely expressed

  sullen gloomy, dismal

  superficial shallow, unimportant, external, without profundity

  superfluous extra, unnecessary

  surreptitious secret, sneaky

  tacit implicit, understood

  taunt insult, ridicule

  temerity (audacity) recklessness, foolish boldness

  tiff argument

  timbre quality of sound independent of pitch/loudness

  tout give a tip

  transitory temporary

  trepidation fear, nervousness

  truculent savage, fierce

  turbid muddy, foul with sediments

  turpitude (depravity) shameful wickedness

  untoward (awkward) unfavorable, unruly

  usurer money lender charging high interest

  vacuous stupid

  veracity truthfulness

  vex annoy, pester, confuse

  vindicate clear from blame/suspicion

  viscid sticky, viscous

  viscous thick and sticky

  visionary dreamer (with impractical goals/ideas about future)

  vituperation (malediction) abusive language

  welter (turmoil) confused mass

  xenophobe one who hates strangers

  Compiled by Monika Bender


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